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From the moment they’re born, every parent wants only what’s best for their child. 因为, never do you realize just how important, or even what “the best” may mean — until it comes to delivering your baby or your child’s medical care.  The Obstetrics and 家庭护理 Team at 纽约医院 understands this. They make a promise every day to provide this ‘intangible’ to the children, 新生儿, 妈妈和她们关心的家庭. 如果你问他们, “the best” means delivering exceptional medical care in an uplifting and contemporary environment, 在他们自己的社区内, with the same love and kindness they’d offer to their own family.


治疗 & 服务

Miracles Family 生中心 provide a full array of obstetrics – antepartum testing (a variety of tests performed late in pregnancy to verify fetal well-being), 劳动和交付, postpartum and newborn care as well as inpatient pediatric services to take care of your children’s needs. NewBB体育的支持性医生团队, caring and experienced nurse midwives and specialized obstetric and pediatric nurses is renowned for their specialized skills, 高级培训, and dedication to the health and wellness of you and your baby. We use state of the art technology such as fetal monitoring surveillance, electronic documentation and medication administration; and provide a safe environment using the HUGS security system.


纽约医院 voted one of the best Maternity 医院

《NewBB体育》 in partnership with The Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit that monitors the quality and safety of health care, released this years awards for “Best Health 护理” series. The award for the Best Maternity 护理 医院 are given to hospitals that meet Leapfrog’s tough standards for excellence in maternity care: hospitals that have low rates of C-section, 外阴切开术, 以及早期选择性分娩, and follow important protocols to protect moms and babies.

Out of 231 hospitals across 36 states, 纽约医院 was one of only 14 hospitals throughout New England who received this award.



We are designated a Baby-Friendly© site for breastfeeding moms and we offer skilled lactation specialists dedicated to helping with all aspects of breastfeeding needs. 纽约医院’s 家庭护理 team offers more than just hospital care. Special touches are what make our care unique. We provide many prenatal and educational classes for the entire family that include a popular belly casting class and a sibling class for lil’ tykes.

We also offer a comprehensive array of wellness services including hypnotherapy, 灵气, massage and craniosacral therapy to ease stress and anxiety throughout pregnancy. 当然, 分娩后, a special gourmet celebratory dinner is served for the happy parents to enjoy. Follow-up home visits after baby is born is also a part of the services we provide. 在这里, our nurses perform exams on mom and baby to check vital signs, 切口检查, assessment and evaluation of feeding, newborn weight and will answer any questions that may have come up since discharge.

We are pleased to share with you and your family a birthing experience that respects, supports and honors your birthing wishes. Our care involves your family members as much as you wish in all stages of prenatal care and childbirth.

Talk to your provider about delivering at miracles at 纽约医院 or call 207.351.2385 的更多信息.

Learn more about 纽约医院 妇产医院 Surgical & 助产学协会.




定心是一种创新, evidence-based model of group care which is bringing patients out of the exam room and into a comfortable group setting. 病人 receive the highest quality of care and, 作为一个正在进行的团体的一部分, form a supportive community where they develop skills and confidence to take control of their health. The Centering group healthcare models combine health assessment, interactive learning and community building to deliver better health outcomes and a better care experience for patients and their providers.



纽约医院 is a Bronze level certified safe sleep hospital. The National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification program recognizes 纽约医院 for its commitment to infant safe sleep by modeling and teaching infant safe sleep best practices in the goal to reduce SIDS/SUID.




NewBB体育很高兴成为合作伙伴 怜悯街工作室 photography and offer Fresh 48 in room photo sessions.   The session is complementary to all of our patients at Miracles and the option to purchase your pictures is available via your online gallery which is made available soon after.   点击这里了解详情和定价.




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